Corporate Overview History
Objectives and Vision
Quality Assurance
About Mica What is Mica ?
Properties of Mica
Commercial Mica and Occurrence
Indian Muscovite Mica
Quality Classification
Mica Process Flowchart
Muscovite Mica Analysis
Products Processed Mica
Mica Blocks
Mica Thins
Mica Films
Mica Splittings
Mica Scrap

Fabricated Mica
Mica Shields
Mica Discs
Mica Insulators
Mica Spacers
Wrapper Mica
Corrugated or Crimped Mica
Window Mica or Isinglass
Mica Washer
Microscope Research Mica
Mica Strainer Core
Backing Mica
Condensor Mica
Mica Heating Elements

Ground Mica
Mica Flakes
For Pearlescent Pigments
For Wet Ground Mica Powder
For Oil Well Drilling
For Decoration and Ornamental Display
Mica Powder
For Welding Electrodes
For Gypsum Plaster Boards
For Wallboard Joint Cement Compounds
For Asphaltic Products
For Acoustic Products in Automobiles
For Automotive Plastics
For Brake Lining
For Rubber and Tyres
For Plastics
For Paints
For Fire Extinguisher Formulations
For Refractory Bricks
For Foundries

Moulding Micanite Sheets
Heat Resisting Micanite Sheets
Mica Folium
Flexible Micanite Sheets
Commutator Micanite Sheet
Commutator V-Rings or Cones
Micanite Tubes and Bushes
Micanite Tapes
Lampshade Micanite Sheets

Mica Paper
Mica Paper Plates or Heater Mica Plates
Mica Paper Plate Fabricated Parts
Mica Paper Plate Heating Elements
Mica Paper Tapes
Certificates & Awards One Star Export House
ISO 9001:2015
Member of Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI)
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