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Company Profile


The parent company Gunpatroy Pvt. Ltd. traces inception back to its antecedents; it is as old as the Mica industry itself. Our predecessor firm Gunpatrai & Company was founded in 1885 by late Gunpatrai Rajgarhia, marking the beginning of Mica evolution in India. It led to the incorporation of a new legal entity under the Indian Companies Act on February 5, 1930, in the name and style of Gunpatroy Pvt. Ltd. On August 6, 1993, our subsidiary concern Shree GR Exports Pvt. Ltd. was established with the intention of diversifying the Mica business and meeting the burgeoning demands of modern industry. With a legacy of more than 120 years characterized by leadership and progress, our reputation has been cultivated through unwavering tradition, patient labour, and helpful guidance towards customers worldwide. Today, under generations of the famed Rajgarhia family, our companies continue to uphold the venerable motto of “Service to Satisfy”. Collectively, our directors, managers, and workers strive to fulfill this purpose.


With absolute thrust on quality, we have exclusively devoted ourselves to mining, processing, manufacturing, and exporting the complete range of Mica and Mica products. Mica has endless applications and engineers, scientists, and technologists have found immense potential in this valuable mineral. Companies, therefore, have created a ready market overseas and Mica is exported to meet needs in myriad fields. Customer satisfaction has been the savoir-faire of our companies; consistent interface with customers, matching innovative product specifications, offering cost-effective prices, and honouring delivery schedule deadlines have been our prime concerns. By the unremitting obligation to excellence, we have always put best endeavours to attain highest standards in market leadership.

Objectives & Vision

Gunpatroy Pvt. Ltd. and Shree GR Exports Pvt. Ltd. have geared up to respond to the future demands of Mica and Mica products. It has been a robust path as we grew from strength to strength to enlarge and prove ourselves as pioneers of Mica export. Alongside changes in technology, modifications in customer needs, and a new era of free economy, we wish to accomplish a crucial pledge in penetrating the present and future situations. In spite of our commitment to a business-oriented program, we desire to play a pivotal role in the usage of Mica, which would benefit mankind and bestow support towards the development of technology and modern inventions.

Quality Assurance

Working in a severely competitive market, we give complete assurance to customers regarding the quality of our products. This enables us to effectively implement, institute, and observe a quality system that is totally focused. We are relentlessly dedicated to quality control management by acquiring ISO 9002 and SA 8000 Certification, thereby guaranteeing the supply of consistent high-quality products conforming to international standards.

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