Mica Paper

Mica Paper

Mica Paper

Mica Paper is manufactured from superior-quality Mica Scrap through calcined (thermo-chemical) and uncalcined (hydro-chemical) processes in the form of continuous rolls. Being an artificial Mica-based reconstituted product, it retains essential electrical and heat-resistance characteristics of natural Mica. It is cost-effective and homogeneous, and has greater consistency of thickness and uniformity of properties.

Assorted configurations of backing materials (such as glass cloth, Kapton film, Nomex paper, polyester film, polyester fleece, polyimide film, etc.) and bonding resins (such as alkyd, epoxy, shellac, silicone, etc.) are used according to the requirements and thermal insulation classes demanded by applications.

Mica Paper has proved itself to be a very reliable product in place of conventional insulating materials to attract considerable attention and great expectations both domestically and internationally.


A Mica Paper Plate/Heater Mica Plate can be drilled, punched, and sheared into intricate shapes based on drawings and requirements. In-house capabilities, processing machines, and tools are utilized to cope with various fabrication objectives. Mica Paper Plate Fabricated Parts are efficiently used in heat-resistant insulating materials in the form of separators, tubes, and washers.

It is made from Mica Paper bonded with heat-resistant silicone resin consolidated under controlled heat and pressure to form rigid plates. In this process, the binder is completely cured. It comprises excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, and emits very little smoke at excessive temperatures. Furthermore, it provides great punching capability and uniform thickness. Mica Paper Plates/Heater Mica Plates are commonly used in heating elements for domestic and industrial electrical appliances. Custom-built fabricated parts are extensively used in several insulation and thermal endurance applications.

A Mica Paper Plate/Heater Mica Plate is suitable as a base, covering, and support plate in heating elements. It is a versatile solution for numerous domestic and industrial applications. It is made of high-resistance ferro-chrome (FeCr) or nickel-chrome (NiCr) wire wound around the Mica Paper Plate/Heater Mica Plate, and is available in all designs, dimensions, and patterns in different voltages and wattages as per specifications. Mica Paper Plate Heating Elements are outstanding performers and provide a dependable, efficient, and long service life because of their distinctive electrical and thermal properties. They are most appropriately used for heating and warming applications in cookers, flat irons, griddles, hair dryers, kettles, ovens, percolators, popcorn makers, roasters, stoves, toasters, etc. Additionally, they are used in heating elements for band and strip heaters in which they are sheathed in brass, rust-resistant, or stainless steel.

Mica Paper Tapes are manufactured from Mica Paper in tape-form and are bonded with several heat-resistant resins as per the application and technical requirement. They are reinforced with various backing materials on one or both sides. Depending on the percentage level of the binder present, they are termed as “resin rich” or “resin poor”. In Mica Paper Tapes, under heat and pressure, the resins are cured to provide mechanical stability and protection. They are characterized by good thermal properties, high dielectric and tensile strength, and terrific thickness uniformity. Mica Paper Tapes have tremendous flexibility and taping capability. They are used in fire-proof cables and for the insulation of coils in large rotating machines like alternators, generators, motors, and transformers.