Processed Mica

The crystals of Mica extracted from the mines are in the form of rough lumps of irregular shape, size, and thickness. They are associated with impurities and structural imperfections, and have to undergo a lengthy operation involving cleaning, cutting, and processing for sorting from crude to commercial quality. This involves intensive technique and skilled labour.

Ground Mica

The largest use of Mica, both application-wise and quantitatively, is in the form of Ground Mica. It is prepared from the breaking and grinding of Mica Scrap or waste by a dry ground process. Production is carried out in high-speed rotary hammer mills or pulverizers to generate Mica Flakes and Mica Powder of different particle… Continue reading Ground Mica

Fabricated Mica

Fabricated Mica applies to the cutting, punching, and stamping of natural sheet Mica to specific shapes, sizes, and thicknesses (within close dimensional tolerances) for electrical and electronic applications. Most Fabricated Mica components are custom-built against provided drawings and specifications, which may vary from part to part. Fabrication is performed using foot or power presses and… Continue reading Fabricated Mica

Mica Paper

Mica Paper is manufactured from superior-quality Mica Scrap through calcined (thermo-chemical) and uncalcined (hydro-chemical) processes in the form of continuous rolls. Being an artificial Mica-based reconstituted product, it retains essential electrical and heat-resistance characteristics of natural Mica. It is cost-effective and homogeneous, and has greater consistency of thickness and uniformity of properties. Assorted configurations of… Continue reading Mica Paper

Micanite Products

Micanite or Built-Up Mica is crafted by layering overlapping Mica Splittings, which are laid-up by hand or mechanical processes and bonded with select resins (such as alkyd, epoxy, shellac, silicone, etc.) to obtain the characteristics for specific end-uses. It is then cured under high heat and pressure. A diverse range of composite binders are available… Continue reading Micanite Products

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